Email Marketing versus Social Media Marketing


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There has been an ongoing debate about the role of email in this social media dominated world. It is true that the latter has taken over the world at a much faster rate than did the vogue of emails, but the bottom line of sending personal letters online via technology is undoubtedly still the preferred choice as against social media communication. As quoted by Tedd Wasserman, Keren Gottfried, the research Manager at Ipsos, strongly believes that, “…It shouldn’t be surprising that we’re using a digital version of sending a letter. But the fact that a majority of people are using [the Internet] for social networking is a paradigm shift; there’s no equivalent in the offline world.”

Shea Bennet pictographically and efficiently analyzes the pros and cons of social media and email marketing to further buttress Jonathan Bennet’s view that the latter has always been more popular and widely used than the former. To briefly summarize the main points of Bennet’s argument:

• Email provides a level of privacy and professionalism
• Email inboxes provide a one stop-hub for tasks and one-to-one communications
• There’s not the worry about privacy issues with email as there is with social media
• Email works across all platforms and applications
• Email has become more than just a two-way communication tool
• Social media does not provide a professional online space for business one-to-ones
• Social media has a major issue with ownership

It is thus not surprising that all the social media websites have realized the importance of personalization of messages and inculcated the email features within their design. To interact on a public platform may be a technological advancement and a step encouraging the global village system to bring people closer, but, each individual still likes his/her own personal space and privacy where they can have full control.