Social Media, an everyday companion!

How do you start your day?…most of us in the ages of 15 and 45 would mention grabbing our phones to look for updates on emails and social media sites. It is not surprising that many of us are hooked onto this “habit” of social media. Shea Bennet mentions a study in her article, Smart Phones and Social Media – The Everyday Life of Today’s Connected Consumer, that aptly points out that:

                     “85 percent of women and 63 percent of men compulsively check their smartphones for text, emails or social media updates, and more than 40 percent of respondents would go through a “withdrawal” effect and “would feel anxious, like part of me was missing,”if they couldn’t check their smartphones constantly.”

It is indeed appalling to see how dependent one can be on social media to get through the day. News about friends and the world has assumed similar importance. On the one hand while one can feel virtually and technologically connected to those sitting across the globe, people have also started to avert socializing in person, on the other. How then are you supposed to know if you are speaking to a real person or just a persona?

Very few users of social media are able to determine its actual worth in life and accordingly let them interfere, and even fewer know how to use social media efficiently. Most of us end up communicating the same (or similar) message on all these platforms like this:

Photo Credit: Luna Turd

Photo Credit: Luna Turd

The Nation highlights the intrusion of social media in everyday life through the words of Sheryl Sandberg, chief operation officer of Facebook and co-chair of the World Economic Forum at the annual meeting in Davos, 2012. In accordance with the points of view presented in this conference, I would like to especially emphasize on how social media has assumed an independent role in employment, law, education, politics and every other fields that did not co-exist. With the consumer market heavily taken to social media to attract customers through their interactive apps, Facebook offers and Twitter updates, to name a few, it would be safe to say that social media have become the masters of the human race.

To illustrate my point further lastly, I would urge every reader to look closely at this analysis by Cisco and spare a few moments of thought to the rising dependence on social media.

Source: Cisco

Source: Cisco

Lastly, just a suggestion, from the experience of researching and reading so much about social media for this campaign…


Source: TransPennine Express

little comment- big mistake

Source: TransPennine Express


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