Youtube – a shortcut to success

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Gone are the days when upcoming and struggling artists had to rely on expensive means to showcase their talent to the world… because Google has gifted Youtube to the universe! If you excel at something and want to be seen and heard across the globe, for no penny spent in promotion or advertising, social media is just the right platform for you! Just to give you a brief glimpse into what this post is going to be about, spare a few minutes to watch this artist balance wooden sticks in the air with perfect ease!

MySpace used to encourage musicians and also housed bands and upcoming artists, but it couldn’t gather the momentum that Youtube has managed within years. Perhaps because the latter is not eclectic and welcomes each and everyone whole heartedly…whether you are students who have just graduated and have a knack for singing, dancing or acting like the Wong Fu Productions or just want to try your hand at acoustic cover songs like Shankar Tucker with other budding artists.

Youtube videos are well compatible with other websites, and easy to embed in posts, tweets, etc too. They are easy to deal with and do not involve too many complicated procedures. A visible growth of followers, conversations with fans and shares of one’s videos motivates the upcoming artist to keep striving hard till he reaches his peak of popularity. It is no secret that David Choi began in this virtual world of social media to rise to fame and finally perform internationally!

The multilingual aspect of social media enables us to access wonderful artists from remote parts of the world. For example, had it not been for Facebook, I would have never learnt that such talented dancers also exist! Watch the video below and experience the hair-raising performance, which would have probably never crossed your path, were these artists involved in local and physical performances!

For many, this platform is a blessing in disguise as it is a gateway into the world of various Arts. You could be a sand artist, a painter, a musician,  an upcoming band, an amateur production group, a singer, a dancer, or anything that deserves an eye or an ear…and social media has the answer for it all.  With its vast outreach and huge potential circumference to engulf each and every person on the planet,  it is not difficult to be noticed.


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