ImageLike a zillion other posts and news blogs, this is yet another piece of literature that questions the actions of the grotesque incident on the night of December 16, 2012 in Delhi, the capital of India. Being an Indian woman myself, I feel it is my moral duty to question and critically analyze some of these basic fundamental issues that go against the title of being the “largest democracy” in the world! 

What is the point of being so proud of India’s political standing when the women (who make up more than 50% of the country’s population) have to think twice about their safety on the streets? India is still entangled in the tight and evil clutches of patriarchy, of which the illiterate take further advantage to demean the feminine sex.  As a reaction to the detailed investigations of this particular Delhi rape case, the politicians were in their own parallel universe trying to explain how women must clad themselves appropriately in order to not “invite” such mishaps! Really? … Is this what you have in yourself in the form of leaders who share the dream of India’s progress? What is that burning fire inside these desperate illiterate men who cannot respect a woman and her equal position in society? Why do they forget their own mothers, wives, sisters and daughters, who await their return at home, when they indulge into these heinous crimes?

I am not trying to portray a negative image of my country through this post. All that I am trying to achieve, or draw attention to, is the fact that India is a beautiful country and has millions of things that She must be proud of. In order to understand the value of such assets, it is imperative that each and every Indian citizen realizes his/her own role and responsibilities in the society. For a country that is the second most populated one on this planet, it puts even more pressure on the government to function meticulously in order to produce positive results and take the country forward. It has taken the sacrifice of a brave girl who fought the battle of pain and suffering for almost two entire weeks, for the country to realize that it was regressing…this is just not justified!


This case spread like wildfire across the globe because of social media. There were protests in different parts of the world in support of the suffering victim and against the assaulters. It encouraged the other states to open previously filed cases, which had not even been looked at! There are hundreds of innocent lives that are subjected to such kinds of brutalities and forgotten about. A few male chauvinistic pigs cannot take advantage of their sexual strength to scar a woman for life! There has to be a solution to this because this is not a universal conundrum with the masculine gender…it is to do with a particular group of men folk that has earned Delhi, the title of the” Rape Capital” of the World!

The first thing that came into a non-Indian’s mind earlier was perhaps the wide variety of food, traditions, culture, the colorful clothes, elaborate celebrations, festivals, intricacies in the architecture and monuments, arts and crafts, etc…but when they think of India now, it is just this rape case and its atrocities! Repulsive. Disgusting. Sickening! WAKE UP INDIA! It’s high time that you choose the right representative to kill these social ills. There is no more room for carelessness. A bunch of feminists cannot bring a radicle shift in such a big country. Do your bit, so that the government does not have an excuse to let this vicious cycle of illiteracy-poverty-unemployment thrive!

Remember this girl in your thoughts and prayers.

Let her bravery be in front of your eyes forever.

Respect her sacrifice.

Stand up for the right!


3 thoughts on “WAKE UP, INDIA!

  1. While I liked this post, I want to point out that rape is neither confined to Delhi nor to a certain class. I know what you wanted to convey when you spoke about the cycle of illiteracy-poverty-unemployment…and I agree with it. But the deeper issue is “patriarchy” and unfortunately that runs deep through even the most educated in our country. Also, people wonder how in a culture that has so many goddesses, how can our women be treated this way. It is this putting women up on a pedestal that is the problem, because any deviation from that results in punishment.

  2. I completely agree with everything that you make a mention of Nandini. The reason I mentioned a particular sect of people, is because I was referring to this particular case as an example in this post…but I get the gist of it all. As for the Goddesses part, that is a brilliant point to drive home and perhaps, might even prove to be an effective treatment for this issue!
    Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts 🙂

  3. Neha,

    I understand all of the nuances and politics of the issues involved here. But you accomplished many of the things we have been talking about in the class this semester. You outlined your position with clarity. You expressed your personal feelings and were very real to us. You called your readers to individual action. And you used media in the video that was both profound and moving. Very well done.

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