Are you BRAVE enough to go public?

While this video might beautifully advertise a new software that makes the web world more efficient, it also has an underlying tone of how public and accessible each one’s records are on the internet. In today’s world, it very easy to trace the activities of an individual via the Internet. As scary as this sounds, it is that much difficult to refrain from indulging into such information sharing activities. You do not have to be a social media fan in order to be noticed, just swiping your credit cards into a machine, medical prescriptions from an electronic device, browsing the internet for general information, shopping online and the like, can gather good enough data about you and release it into the electronic world! You may not even realize that you have left traceable records behind, as you walk out of the shopping mall!

Technology is considered to be one of the greatest achievements of mankind. To think of it again, I would have my own apprehensions in readily accepting that statement. It is true that my grandparents faced hardships in their time, but they knew how to overcome them with diligent efforts. They found it hilarious when I tried to explain the concept of identity theft to them, in today’s world! We are all engulfed in this as Internet has become a part of our lives—there are no two ways about it. But what is in our hands is to accept this fact whole-heartedly or not. Chris Brogan describes how sharing and talking about it on social media can deal with depression. He does not seek others’ advices or consolation on it but he feels solace in just knowing that his troubles are out there in that infinite space!

Beth Kanter shares a different point of view on being brave and facing the world boldly. In order to survive in today’s electronic world, one has to keep abreast with the Internet, knowing that the definition of privacy and personal space has been traded with the phenomenon of information sharing. With the knowledge and acceptance of that compromise, the one who takes the right measures to protect his/her identity and actions on the Internet, can be recognized as a brave soldier in facing the fast-paced wired world.


One thought on “Are you BRAVE enough to go public?

  1. I agree with the two perspectives you review for us – but my question is whether or not they can exist at the same time – and if so, how do we manage that.

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